Creating a lead generation process based on connections ensures high quality leads

A good lead generation process is defined

lead generation processThe lead generation process can really be thought of as a relay race. A leads to B and B leads to C and so on. The process always starts with seeking out the right customer segments. Then, it’s a matter of creating the customer connection.

Active and Passive Connections

We make active connections  over the phone or in person. They can also be made through direct e/mail. These are outbound lead generation strategies. Inbound strategies, on the other hand, are passive. Both strategies have their time and place.

Customers want to support businesses. The connection between the person who’s building leads and the person who wants to support that business becomes the most important aspect of the lead generation process. In other words, we’re creating trust between us and the customer. Any process that doesn’t fully evaluate the connection aspect is likely going to under perform. Regardless of active or passive connection, the trust factor will determine the likelihood of a purchase.

Starting out with a passive connection allows the business-customer relationship to mature gradually. Because of the time factor and because of the arms-length approach, the potential customer feels more at ease.

When we get to know someone, and they are able to persuade us in advance, we’re more likely to interact with them.

Educated buyers are here to stay

Most customers do plenty of online research before purchasing anything. There’s really no reason to try and quickly convince someone to do something that they probably don’t want to do. Therefore, the lead generation process has to begin with an acknowledgement that I am going to earn your trust.

I have the product or service that you want. Yes, there may be others that can provide this product or service, but you should support me because…

Why? Because of the connection!

The customer needs to know that you represent something that they value and not just the product or service. That’s a critical aspect.

The lead generation process should reflect the idea of supporting businesses

Most of us tend to want to support certain companies and make sure that they succeed. We should use the lead generation process as an opportunity to show the customer why they should support us. Sure, they may want the product or service, but they also value the entire experience.

In short, we start the lead generation process with the acknowledgement that we’re going to earn your trust. We’re going to earn it by creating a thoughtful experience that’s deeper than just creating a quick sale.

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