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How to pivot and succeed

Before starting on a path to provide customers with healthy food in Los Angeles, Natural Intention’s founder, Kimberly Wright, was an accomplished salon owner. For over nine years at her current location in Bellflower, she had created a place where women could come and enjoy a couple hours of self-care. Not only for their hair but also for their overall well-being.

I imagined that the type of woman to frequent our establishment would be fearless, taking on the challenge of embracing her natural hair for all that it is and all that it stands for.

Healthy food in Los Angeles – Beyond hair

While running her salon, she initially didn’t realize that she was also battling a chronic illness. The stress of working long hours, running her own business, and being a mother of two started to take a toll on her health. She just didn’t have the same energy any more. when she started  Kimberly was given a diagnosis and a choice. She could take conventional medication for the symptoms to help her get through the day or have the disease slowly erode her health. The entrepreneur in her wouldn’t accept those alternatives. Instead, she was determined on healing herself holistically. That’s what spawned the idea of providing healthy food in Los Angeles and surrounding areas.

Through this whole experience, I gained a new found knowledge of self-healing with food. I think I always knew that I wanted to do more than just hair. I decided to take my knowledge of health and natural healing to the next level – to help others find a path to a healthier life.

After 20 years in the natural hair industry, she was ready for change and a new challenge. Kimberly found her new direction.

Natural Intentions made the pivot from hair salon to offering healthy, holistic, handmade products and services for those on the journey of healing mentally, physically, and spiritually.

There is no such thing as luck ~ everything happens for a reason. The person with unbreakable faith is the one who wins.

Lucky or not, Kimberly took that leap of faith, managing to transition not just her business but her clientele as well. Of course, there were those who wanted their favorite hair stylist back, but most knew that she was pursuing something that she was more passionate about ~ and it showed.

Nealthy food in Los Angeles - Natural Intentions
Natural Intentions founder Kimberly

Natural Intentions is still in the beginning stages of offering customers healthy food in Los Angeles

The situation with COVID-19 really emphasized the need to make this bold business move immediately. It has highlighted the underlying issues in our fast-paced society – we need to take better care of ourselves on all levels.

If there was any time to be concerned about your personal health – it’s now! Marketing in this new direction was an easy decision – health is on everyone’s mind.

Natural Intentions has increased its line of products from just natural fresh-pressed juices to a new line of farm-to-table organic homemade food through their Natural Intentions Meal Service plan.

Meals are created from produce farmed locally and responsibly; pesticide free and grown in nutrient dense soil. Free of GMOs, the taste is never sacrificed. Each recipe adds ancient herbs and plants for added minerals and nutrition that the body needs.

Simply said, you will enjoy real food that tastes amazing ~ satisfying to both your taste buds and your body.

Kimberly wants to continue to grow her holistic health coaching alongside her product line. They are a good fit for someone looking to make that first step into living a healthier lifestyle.

It’s not a diet or a fad. It’s not a quick fix or a weight loss plan. This is about cleaning up your internal intentions for your life and choosing to be healthy and happy. It’s all about the glow! Shining from the inside…

If you are interested in starting on a plan or just want to check out what it’s like. Kimberly offers a quarterly group detox – 7 days of commitment to your health. Be sure to sign up on their site to get the latest on their next up-coming event.

What’s next for Natural Intentions?

We’re going to expand our meal plans to include not only our fresh-pressed juice and home-cooked meals, but include shipping and delivery to more than just the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. We want healthy food in Los Angeles to consist of fresh, organic, and good food choices that come straight to your door on a weekly basis.

Healthy food in Los Angeles

The food and service industries will inevitably change over the course of this pandemic. People have been enjoying the convenience of at-home delivery of everything from home goods to groceries to take-out food. We will be right there to offer a healthy, thoughtful alternative to those who desire a more wholesome approach to eating.

Stick with it

Kimberly has some advice for those looking to make a major change in their business.

Sticking with my business even in the hard times and unforeseen future, was one of the greatest challenges I’ve faced so far. It took a lot for me to keep going when I couldn’t predict the outcome.

But finally closing the chapter with my first business and the exhilaration of opening the door to my new endeavor was so empowering. I just knew it was the right move. It was an unrelenting belief that this will be successful. You just know in your whole being. It feels right.

Being brave enough to see through my fear is one of my biggest achievements so far in my life.



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Meal plans are currently available in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas of California.

Sign up with Natural Intentions to stay informed as they begin to expand.

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