Blossoming Lotus Master Reiki Training and Healing

Master reiki training and healing represents a new path forward

Lauren Adamczyk, the founder of Blossoming Lotus Reiki, has been practicing transformational healing through Reiki since 2009. She offers one-on-one sessions and teaching through her Master Reiki Training and Healing classes. Blossoming Lotus Reiki has flourished into a business that empowers energy healers to create their own success stories every day. Since 2011, Blossoming Lotus Reiki has been serving clients in-person in the Long Beach, California area.

Starting the journey to healing

She began her own journey to understand energy, or the “spirit” while in massage therapy school. She learned of chakras and how our thoughts can create the reality around us. While in school, Lauren received her first Reiki attunements by chance watching an instructional video in class. She became intrigued and this set her on the path to deepening her understanding of Reiki.

Master Reiki Training and Spiritual Healing

Like many others who seek out healing, Lauren had been through challenging and difficult times. When it’s personsal, there is a real drive to make an impact.

You find yourself helping everyone around you, even at the expense of your own physical and mental health. You find yourself saying, I’ve tried everything else to heal…and nothing seems to be working.

Lauren can empathize, because she knows these struggles all too well.

Diving into advanced Reiki teachings, she was attuned to the Master level in 2010 with the International Center for Reiki Training.

Lauren admits it was challenging to overcome the fear of starting a business around healing. Fortunately, there was a community of people who were already seeking a more holistic approach to health. As a result, the knowledge surrounding the practice had already beenintroduced. It was still a relatively new way of healing for most people, but has quickly gained momentum.

Master Reiki Training and Healing – A holistic way

Typically, we go to a doctor if our bodies are hurting. And most likely, we seek out psychologists to help navigate our mind. But if we’re looking to heal our spirit, where do we go?

It helps to start thinking about your health in a holistic way. Our body, mind, and spirit need to be balanced in order for true healing to occur.

The idea that our thoughts hold an energetic vibration that creates the physical reality around us becomes crucial. Because, when we repeat negative beliefs and thought patterns about ourselves and the world we exist in, we start to see reflections of this negativity coming back to us in the form of physical pain, relationship problems, and mental/emotional stress.

Working with the Reiki energy is part of my everyday life, both personally and professionally. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people’s lives shift into a positive, lighter space after spending time together.

Spiritual business coaching

Within the energy healing community, there tends to be a lack of confidence in starting a spiritual business. Perhaps because the ideologies of business for profit and spiritual wellness for well-being seem disconnected. Most have the healing and caring skills but lack the knowledge required to run a business, there is a practical side to the business and this is what stops most from starting, according to Lauren.

The world needs you to share your gifts and bring more healing light to the planet. I coach other Reiki practitioners looking to start so that they can move past this block and share their compassion with the world.

For those looking to start Reiki, Lauren has recently published a book for Reiki Practitioners. If you are a teacher looking for a manual to use in your classes, this can be a good option. And for newcomers seeking to gain more insight into the practice of Reiki, this inspired approach to sharing the wisdom of Reiki is available for you.

Reiki offerings

From group Reiki classes, Master training, Spiritual Business coaching to Reiki healing sessions, and reflective retreats, Blossoming Lotus Reiki has successfully navigated the sometimes treacherous waters of running a small business.

My life is committed to spreading awareness of Reiki as a gentle, yet powerful technique for energy healing. My vision is clear and it’s what has kept my business on track.


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Blossoming Lotus Master Reiki Training and Spiritual Healing




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