retail real estate agent

It’s time to find that retail space – Contact your retail real estate agent

Why you need a retail real estate agent to help with your retail business!

Not all commercial real estate is created equal

retail real estate agent

Commercial retail space is different from commercial space in general. This is especially true when we’re talking about a retail store. In essence, we have a business that serves a retail clientele. Perhaps that’s a restaurant or perhaps that’s a sporting goods store. It might even be a grocery chain. But in each of those cases the consumer is you and not a business client that needs office space on the 32nd Floor.

During this Covid-19 crisis and afterwards, retail businesses will need assistance in many areas. Tenants may need to have rents renegotiated. Landlords will need help filling empty spaces at reasonable rates. That is the perfect opportunity to sit down with a retail-minded real estate professional.

A retail real estate agent with experience is key

When you’re looking for retail space, it pays to get a commercial real estate broker who specializes in retail specific commercial real estate. They know all the ins and outs for the retail sector; they may have permitting down and they also know who the landlords are in the area. In other words, retail real estate agents work primarily with commercial real estate retail locations.

Years of retail experience

A qualified retail real estate agent has years of experience under their belt. They will have completed different types of transactions. The types of transactions might sometimes be complicated but the bottom line is this; a retail real estate agent can help you with your retail business in a way that other commercial real estate agents might not be able to. In other words, a retail real estate agent is worth their weight in gold because they have the experience and they likely seen transactions similar to yours.

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